FORUM Energy Technologies

Manifolds & Piping Catalog in Aberdeen, UK. The objective of this project was to recreate images of assemblies that are at times difficult to photograph due to size. Every assembly in this division was created in SolidWorks into a 3D illustration and used in the catalog as well as for marketing purposes.


FORUM Energy Technologies needed to created new and up to date catalogs for their ever expanding company. I was brought in to update all catalogs that fall under the Drilling Division of FORUM. As FORUM has grown, I have developed and created new catalogs, which includes branding and logos, photography, 3D imaging, illustrations, layout design, editorial design, binding and strategic development for the different product lines. I've worked with engineers and sales directors in Aberdeen, Scotland; Hamburg, Germany; and Monterrey, Mexico. I was graphic designer and art director on this section of the Drilling Products Catalog. These 3D renders were created in SolidWorks from images taken of the assemblies.

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