Letter Gothic

Type Specimen Book, Student Work

Letter Gothic Type Specimen

Roger Roberson created one of the ten typefaces that would be used in the IBM Selectric Typewriter. The process began in 1956 with many years of development and testing and finally in 1962 Letter Gothic was introduced to the public and to many companies. Letter Gothic was a typeface that was easy to read, easy on the eyes and created for mechanical works, like tables. The typeface was to mimic typewriter typefaces that was always used. This typeface became the go to that was used in all kinds of documentation.

This book is a break down of the kind of typeface Letter Gothic is, how to use it and pair it with other typefaces, and the history of the typeface. This book contains posters from the 60's, when Letter Gothic was introduced. Photography of the type ball where taken at home. The book is french folded and perfect bound, printed on linen paper. All type, body copy, is justified.
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