Taking Woodstock

Collateral for movie.

Taking Woodstock an Ang Lee Film
I was given the chance to create poster and collateral for this movie as a student project.
All the work created for this project was done by hand. Oil, watercolor, color pencil, oil pastels, tie dye and acrylic were the media I used. The type used for headlines was created by hand and then traced in Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to stay away from the computer as much as I could on this project. The vinyl cover was screen printed, the tie dye was actual tie dye, every piece was done by hand and then transferred to the computer for final touch ups.
I created over 150 pieces for this project and only used about 30. This was my favorite and my most passionate of all my projects. I love color and textures so I tried to create that in every piece. All the pieces created were vinyl, soundtrack, rolling papers, milk cartons and poster.
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